Speed dating the game

Here’s a really interesting game called Speed Dating.

Show your skills how good are you with girls hehe

So guys… how many gils can you date in one single day.

Please comment on the scores

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7 Responses to “Speed dating the game”

  1. speed dating games Says:

    […] your skills how good are you with girls heheSo guys?? how many gils can you date in one single day.http://wiresmash.com/gaming/speed-dating-the-game/Newswire / Press Release: Speed Dating Goes Mobile with HurryDate …NewswireToday – /newswire/ – […]

  2. Speed Dating NYC Says:

    Speed dating the game is a lot of fun. It’s certainly worthwhile to see how good you are as a conversationalist, and it helps you see how well others tend to think of you.

  3. Speed Dating Toronto Says:

    I guess speed dating can be thought of as a game, if so it’s probably the most rewarding game you’ll ever play! And it certainly does help you hone your social skills.

  4. Speed Dating New York Says:

    I like this speed dating game…

  5. Alan Willis Says:

    This Speed Dating game is something else.
    I love it.

  6. Mia Johnson Says:

    i love dating coz i like to mingle with other people and know them better,”`

  7. Tea Dress : Says:

    i love do date coz you experience something good emotionally while being with other people:,”

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