Hillary Clinton farts during debate interview

It seems that technology is really great these days.

Microphones were able to pick up Hillary Clinton fart during the interview.

Haha this is just hilarious just check out her and people reaction

Hillary Farts During Debate – Watch more free videos

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8 Responses to “Hillary Clinton farts during debate interview”

  1. hillary farts Says:

    […] really great these days.Microphones were able to pick up hillary Clinton fart during the interviewhttp://wiresmash.com/funny/hillary-clinton-farts-during-debate-interview/Hillary Farts During Debate video – Funny videos – MadnessVideo.netMar 5, 2008 … hillary farts […]

  2. Zino Says:

    It is fake. Audio is edited,

  3. abraham Says:

    it dont really look like its fake!!

  4. payday advance service Says:

    Well if you have to fart then you should just do it but make sure you say excuse me. I mean sometimes holding them in gives you a horrible stomache ache and that sucks worse then the embarressment of people hearing you fart.

  5. gab0 Says:

    it is a fake.

    Unless she’s got another micro up her ass

  6. nil Says:

    It should not hurt to hear her fart..after all it’s so natural for you westerners anyway..u guys need big-time etiquette lessons!

  7. Cheryl Cole Farts on X Factor | The Economic Voice Says:

    […] famous wielder of wind was Hillary Clinton back in Feb 2008 during a live TV debate with other panellists including the now president Barack […]

  8. nil Says:

    haha @nil its so natural for us westeners?

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