Celebrities as game characters

Now thats interesting lets see which actor and actress could be a pefect match for some great famous game character.

Jessica Biel as Joanna Dark

Vin Diesel as Kratos

Gerard Butler As Zangief

Jason Statham as Nico Bellic

Tom Selleck as Solid Snake

Daniel Sunjata as Eddy Gordo

Woody Harrelson as Duke Nukem

Willem Dafoe as Ganondorf

Reese Witherspoon as Princess Peach

Tony Jaa as Liu Kang

Reginald Veljohnson as Doc Lewis

John Malkovich as Dr. Neo Cortex

Masi Oka as Tingle

Josh Duhamel as Phoenix Wright

Cody Linley as Link

Colin Ferrel as Nick Drake

Lucy Liu as Alyx Vance

Dakota Fanning as Little Sister

Ving Rhames as SGT. Johnson

John Cena as Donkey Kong

Edwards Norton as Gordon Freeman

Dave Bautista as Marcus Fenix

Gina Carano as Lara Croft

Jason Lee as Mario

Justin Long as Little Mac

Kristen Bell as Gum

Edgat Ramirez as Altair

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5 Responses to “Celebrities as game characters”

  1. Hollie Powell Says:

    Reese Witherspoon is still one of the cutest american actress out there. I love here role on Sweet Home Alabama.~,;

  2. Riley Carter Says:

    i really love the blonde hair of Reese Witherspoon,.”

  3. UPVC Windows  Says:

    reese witherspoon is just so cute, i wish i was as beautiful as her,-;

  4. Audio Switch : Says:

    what i do love about Reese Witherspoon is her very sweet smile and very young looking face;`~

  5. LASIK Laser Eye Surgeries Says:

    Reese Witherspoon have the most beautiful eyes among american actresses, i just can’t get enough of her beautiful eyes `;:

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