Real Ufo Sightings from 1870 to 2008

Well do you belive in ufos or not ? well i do but there is also some truth that American army, FBI and CIA… were making flying saucers like that.

So check out this nice collection of the real UFO sightings from year 1870 to 2008. Everyone should belive at least a little bit in paranormal.


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2 Responses to “Real Ufo Sightings from 1870 to 2008”

  1. Alien Species - The Orange EBEN | Contact Cases | Discount Contact Cases Says:

    […] Real Ufo Sightings from 1870 to 2008 | WireSmash […]

  2. UFO Guy Says:

    Alien spaceships or UFOs as seen on scifi are actually very interesting to the military. Their construction and capabilities are very handy and has been tried imitated in real life many times.

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