Victoria Lindsay

Victoria Lindsay is a cheerleader who took a nasty beating from her friends, just to make this YouTube video. You can view the victoria lindsay video here and see victoria lindsay photos.

Her injuries include a concussion, lacerations, loss of hearing and blurry vision. She did not recovered completely in the local hospital. She took the attack for around 30 minutes

Her name as well as the tape was released by the sheriff’s department to educate the public about this cheerleader beating and protect this from happening again. The names of all the attackers have also been printed in the media:

The name of the teenagers who were charged are reportedly:

Mercades Nichols, 16, of Lakeland
Brittini Hardcastle, 17, of Lakeland
April Cooper, 14, of Lakeland
Cara Murphy, 16, of Lakeland
Britney Mayes, 17, of Lakeland
Kayla Hassell, 15, of Mulberry
Zachary Ashley, 17, of Lakeland
Stephen Schumaker, 18, of Lakeland

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96 Responses to “Victoria Lindsay”

  1. avani Says:

    omg what has the world!!! come to these mother fuckers need to be locked away for ever man or be burned to the stake this is inhuman i feel for this poor girl!!! wtf did this girl ever do to u dumbass peice of shits?!?!?!?!?!?! go die go shit yourself go to hell u low live mother fuckers

  2. karen Says:

    better than this .god will deal with them,let me tell you alot better than us.and i cant hardly wait.karen

  3. Kassy Says:

    Dear Victoria Lindsay
    My name is Kassy im 13 from califorian but my dad lives in flordia. Im so sorry what happened to you. Thoughs girls should have never heart you. But i hope you know that everyone who saw the video is right be hinde you and we all hope that you get justice . Even though you dont know me i bet u are a really nice girl. I hope youll feel better knowing that almost the whole country is on your side.

  4. Alex Says:

    these girls are fucking insane, i hope they fry the little bitches

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I think it was so wrong what those mean bitches did to that poor girl. What kind of friends are they? Really. If that was my daughter, I would be soo pissed off I wouldn’t know what to do… Those bitches deserve to get treated like adults… They don’t deserve no mercy because after all, they showed that girl no mercy at all. She is deaf in one ear and can barely see out of one eye, those bitches fucked up that poor girl… Who knows how long of an affect that will have on her life now… I have sympathy for her, but for the rest, I don’t give a rats ass what the hell happens to them, they deserve whatever punishment they get!!!!!

  6. Marcy Says:

    God Help Us. And Bless Victoria for her strength.I will pray for her recovery. And hope they are not easy on the KIDS that did this. (if ?) Victoria was provoking these kids, (which I have doubts) The kids should of reported her to the authorities. Not take the matter in their own hands. No one of us has that power. As I said GOD HELP US.

  7. Dan Says:

    Thats fucking horrible. About 2 years ago, I got in a fight with a kid during and after a lacrosse game. I play Tier 1, so its really competitive. I won the fight by a landslide, yet he thought I somehow had the upper hand. He was waiting when I came out of the dressing room, and there he was again. Dumb shit didnt learn the first time, so I had another fight with him, winning again. Then a week or so later, I see the same guy at a party, cause apparently hes friends with one of my friends, so he goes and gets 2 of his buddies, and theres him and another guy fighting me at the same time, and the other one is filming it on his phone. By the time it was done, I ended up with a 350 dollar fine for putting 2 people in the hospital… The fucking justice system is retarded. They didnt get charged at all, meanwhile I’m stuck paying for something that i never even instigated in the first place.

  8. Dillon Says:

    i may be a man but if i saw those dumb bitches now i would fuckin slap a hoe, no joke, those are some sick demented bitches i hope they spend there whole life in prison

  9. unknowncanadian Says:

    I’m shocked and appauled by this video. I was involved with a fight outside a bar where there was 18 idiots against me and 6 others. I tried to break things up and I got suckered for my troubles. I defended myself but that poor girl stood no chance if she wasn’t fighting back. I hope that Victoria fully recovers physically and as well as mentally , since this is still todays news and will be for awhile. I hope the accused will be tried hard in court, and there familys should stuffer for there childrens faults since I think your a product of your environment.

    Good Luck Victoria

  10. Concerned Newfie Says:

    It’s so sad that it always comes down to fighting. It’s pretty pathetic that these ladies or should I say young ladies are more concerned about what other people said about them, or wrote about them, then concentrating on the moments that matter in their life. You know who your real friends are so the ones that aren’t just leave it be. Who cares what they say. There is always going to be hate and people that are going to try and bring you down its life. It’s words and over these words now someone suffers with bruises, scars, and fears for the rest of her life. I wonder though who are rasing these kids. It’s madness.
    Blame it all on the media, or even You Tube. But the fact is all these things are suppose to be tools for our lives it just happens that some sick people with sick minds such as these “little.. “go- raw- raw” cheerleaders put evil crap on it.
    “Trying to make themselves famous”… give it a break, go sing song, or write a poem; oh I know do a little cheer routine. And stop acting like your queen shit and your going to have a smack down with every Tom, Dick and Harry you see.. I will tell you what; I am so surprised that victoria never fought back. I don’t know how she done it. But, way to go for her; for being the better person.
    1. They all have attitude problems
    2. Where the HECK are the parents?
    3. They all need a reality check.
    4. They and their parents should all be ashamed of themselves that it actually came down to this.
    Like really what kind of people are living in this world.

    Hate, rumors, dishonestly; its all around us, it’s in our everyday lives but it’s something that you shouldn’t react to with indifferent, unwise, idiotic and senseless matters. You have to worry about yourself and not other people. Life is to short, even shorter for the young ladies that committed such a harsh unreasonable crime or should I say CRIMES. Payback is a bitch. And I don’t think you can have 6 vs 1 smack down with the law.

  11. unknowlatina Says:

    i hope these stupid bitches go to prision and get the shit beat out of them

  12. unknowlatina Says:

    Mercades Nichols, 16, of Lakeland
    Brittini Hardcastle, 17, of Lakeland
    April Cooper, 14, of Lakeland
    Cara Murphy, 16, of Lakeland
    Britney Mayes, 17, of Lakeland
    Kayla Hassell, 15, of Mulberry
    Zachary Ashley, 17, of Lakeland
    Stephen Schumaker, 18, of Lakeland
    stupid motherfucker grow up…. but whatever i hope they fuck u guys up just as bad in prision

  13. Wyatt Says:

    Now this is just ridiculous. I understand that teenagers today are even more stupid than ever before – and the majority of them have parents just as bad.

    First of all, having a MySpace page, period, and treating it like a popularity contest is completely retarded (oh, did I mention that every woman on MySpace over 18 years of age makes more than 100 grand a year? Yeah.).

    Know who I feel the most sorry for? That (evidently) shitty town they live in. If these dirty whores are their cheerleaders, then I’d hate to see the people THEY refer to as “white trash.”

    And to the fudge packer with all the acne and the guy with the crustache — just look me up when you two “hard-up” bitches get out of jail; I’ll be more than happy to kick the shit out of both of you at the same time.

    I forget which skank it was who’s mother it was in the interview, but really, lady, you should try exercising a little display of acumen before you start running your dick-licker. Oh yeah, it must be all Victoria’s fault because she TALKED BAD ABOUT SOMEONE ON THE INTERNET. That’s logic of legendary proportions right there.

    Unfortunately, though, if these girls were Victoria’s friends, then she is probably just as bad as they are. A sad truth, but that still doesn’t mean she deserved what happened.

    But, as usual, punishment in the United States will never fit the crime. Child molester goes to jail for 3 years; pot head goes to jail for 5. Man , our system of justice sucks just as badly as our shitty government.

    (“If you don’t like our government, then move somewhere else.”) Yeah, I was expecting more classic logic from someone regarding that.

    Since when did it become socially acceptable to be a complete dumbass? I mean really, when did it become OKAY to be stupid?

  14. Christine Ky Says:

    What’s really sad is; these bitches are still using their MySpace accounts. WTF!! I mean come on it’s not hard to copy and paste someone’s name and find them on MySpace. It looks like they’re redneck po-dunk backwater WHITE TRASH to me. Can someone please inform MySpace they need to set some standards for fucks sake. I hope these pathetic whores get their “just deserved” in prison.

  15. Itachi Says:

    This is just insane. These 8 deserve life for the beating, kidnapping and especially the witness tampering. Did anyone notice them smirking in their court appearances? They really don’t understand the magnitude of their situation. They not only severely hurt Victoria and possibly caused permanent damage but also ruined their lives over a petty dispute.

    As much as they deserve to get life and should be made an example of so everyone sees that you can’t do evil shit like this even at 14 years old and get away with it.

    The parents of these 8 hoodlums need to be held accountable as well. It’s obvious that this has been going on for a while for them to be known as the “toughies around town” or whatever so I’d hold the parents just as responsible.

    Get well soon Victoria!

  16. Lucy Says:

    These dumb ugly fat fuckin hoes are a disgrace to human nature. They are the biggest most disgusting dispicable pieces of shit on the planet. Watching that video makes me want to fly down to Florida and just beat these bitches asses. I hope they get exactly what they deserve. I think if the judge gave them the death penalty that would still be to kind. All these bitches are ugly as fucckkkkk. No wonder they have so much anger. And the one blonde bitch, daaamn she’s a fat cow. Poor thing. I feel more sorry for those bitches, because even though Victoria was the one who got beat up all those bitches are still 196969696976 times ugly..

    Good luck victoria

  17. shock Says:

    i cany believe this. i am right around the age of tori and i feel so bad for this girl. she was friends with these girls yet they beat her up over something they said on myspace. she is a saint for not fighting back. i would be very tempted to fight back. i love you tori and get better

  18. mark Says:

    That is ridicules I was jumped by a street gang once in a parking lot and they did not beat me that long.

    First of they are all scum bags and yo can bet they will all get worked over in jail. You don’t beat someone that is not fighting back. So their is coming.

    You can’t blame you tube. If it was not for the video they might have gotten away with it. So the video helped but how stupid do you have to be to film yourself committing a felony.

    Now to all those that say they deserve death that is even beyond an eye for an eye, the girl did not die and she will recover hope fully just like I did when I got jumped, I did want to kill them how ever.

    Also to say these kids are beyond rehabilitation is ridicules. I only saw one girl hitting her, the other might have just been at the house.

    Have you ever been with someone that did something wrong? How would you like it if you are out with your friends and they start beating someone and you go to jail for just being there.

    The next questions is why did they attack this girl and not some other, why did she attract this treatment. Was she a little bitch that always put down others and acted like she was better than others?

    I also believe in the law of attraction and there is something that always attract this kind of stuff. It maybe your attitude, bad personality, or walking around afraid like a victim. This does not how ever justify this attackers behavior, but the reason I am saying this is that we all need to examine ourselves see why how we might be responsible for what we attract into our life so that we can avoid situations like this.

    And lastly people act like it’s always the parents fault. I tell you I am really loosing the desire to ever be a parent, there is too much liability.

    If you kid screws up they you can lose every thing you ever worked for. Yes parents can do a lot to shape you, but in a society like we have today with so many out side influences, parents have less control and influence then they used to.

    The root of all of these problems is spiritual ignorance and I am not talking about religion but how the universe works.

    All people need to learn the law of attraction. They should educated in the ways of correct thinking. They should show “The Secret” in all correctional institutions and in schools and other films like it weekly or daily.

    And before all of you go off of the hook and start attacking this let me tell you a little story.

    A friend of a friend is a correctional officer in a Juvenile correctional facility. He saw The Secret and took it to work. He made them all watch it together. For the next 48 hours there was no violence and he said some made what seemed like a permanent change.

    What we need in this world is correct thinking, compassion, love and forgiveness. I forgave the people that jumped me why? Because hating and holding grudge only hurts you not them. The forget and move on you relive it over and over again and the hate and rage grows and they still have power over you.

    For you Chirstians Chirst said to forgive, Judge not and turn the other cheek, but you prefer to condemn.

    For you Jews, Moses killed a man when he was young, he was not perfect but later he did great things. It does not make it right but people can change.

  19. deaf girl from ohio Says:

    … WOW … I can’t believe that actually happened to Victoria! hey guys who read this: it’s impossible to forgive the attackers (and the look outers) but Jesus will forgive them if they ask him to forgive them and to be saved. I admit I just can’t forgive them, I would scream if i ever see them in person! However, I will probably hug them in heavens if they are/will be saved, not only because Jesus says so. I will forgive them anyway, everyone do sins and we still do, right? Therefore, we are sinners and we can’t just say they are awful bad people.. We are also bad people in DIFFERENT ways. I am very glad I got Jesus’ gift- everyone can go to heavens if they follow Jesus’ only one way. John 3:16 KJV, amen! If u guys are interested how to be saved, go to this link:

    Accepting Jesus’ gift is most ever important decision in your life, even eternal life!! God bless you! Victoria, don’t waste your precious life 🙂

  20. viewer Says:

    Yo, these bitches are fuckin stupid, this pisses the shit outta me that she got so badly injured over all this, those bitches better get their asses in jail for life for what they did, fuckin stupid peeps

  21. Rebecca Says:

    This video makes me fucking sick. I want those bitches dead, girls are fucking horrible. I hope they all rot there pretty little faces away in jail. If only the exact same thing could happen to them. Im so sorry Victoria. I hope you get better. Let this be a lesson to all the other caddy little bitches that want to start shit over messages on the internet. Talk it out like normal fucking people, dont go fucking beating the shit out of people. Dammit this really makes me mad.

  22. me Says:

    jesus may say to forgive, but i can never forgive them for what they did, even if there is a God, and i dont believe there is (my oppinion) i just could never forgive those girls for what they did, but i did give them a piece of my mind on their myspaces, like im sure most people who have seen this video have. i dont want them to die, and i dotn want them to get hurt, but i do want to watch as they rot in prision for the rest of their natural born lives. nothing in this worl would make me happier than to see them get justice, and for victoria to stop haveing to worrie.

    victoria, i may never meet you in this life, but i always worrie about you as if you were my own sister, i hope you make a full recovery, and i hope you can stop worrieing, and i hope you can all forgive my spelling.

  23. ashamedd. Says:

    These 6 girls deserve a beating for 30 minutes & then the death penalty. bitches. how could anyone be so nasty and piggish?

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  25. Meghan Says:

    Honestly, I thought fighting one on one was stupid. but 6 on 1? thats pathetic. this is so sad. Im so sorry you had to be victim of this Victoria. these girls will get there day. I swear

  26. victoria lindsay Says:

    […] from her friends, just to make this YouTube video. You can view the victoria lindsay video here and Phil Show Posts Bail for One of Teens Involved in Beating of …… representative of the […]

  27. New Says:

    Dumbass! There was a broom right there behind her. I would of grabbed it and beat the shit out of that girl. Self defense rocks! For the people who did that to her I hope they get beat up as much as she got the beat down. How’s it feel to be famous now?

  28. asdf Says:

    shit they get what hey deserve. they should go to jail for life.
    y would they do that. thats fucken stupid. 6 on 1. that is just pathetic. hope they go to hell for doing that to that poor girl.

  29. hehe Says:

    they are actually ruined for life…fucking shame because they have hot bodies.

    oh well, they’ll just be raped

  30. Marie Says:

    Ijuswant to say that when I heard what happened i was disgusted. I have a temper and i have gotten into fights before but i would have never would’ve done anything like that or even near that nature. Those girls have problems real serious problems all them need to go to straight prison and never come out. They ruined this girl’s life and so we need to ruin thiers and throw them in prison and throw away and burn the key. If i was those girls parent’s who did that to her i would be so ashamed and embarrased.

  31. david Says:

    lol the video is pretty funny. almost as funny as it will be when me and my friends gang rape those bitches, as for the guys, ur fags,just go shot urself b4 i kill u. the fat whore in pink and white looks like a retarted hooker ud find in harlem. its really funny, UR FAMOUS NOW!!! u will never make any friends, go to collage or have a boyfried/girlfriend since the pink bitch looks like a lesbian, lol the guys are gonna become he bitches in jail.

  32. Yella Says:

    IM sad to say that im mad at Victoria for not fightin back!!!! Um if you fought back they really wouldnt have beat your ass that bad….sorry jus being real!!!!

    But they dumb as hell and need to stay in school!!!!!

    Bet them white bitches wont try that shit in Huntsville, Alabama!!!!!


  33. RAINMAN Says:

    Stupid fuckin bithces. I just hate a stupid bitch! I hope you worthless motherfuckers go to prison and get beat so fuckin bad you come out looking like some inbred motherfucker from that wrong turn movie, or hills have eyes. I think even your sorry ass parents can go fuck themselves for all i care there just as fucking sorry as you ugly ass bitches anyway. If i knew who you were i would the fucking hell out of all six of you skanky bitches, i hope you bithces remember this when your getting your payback in the pin, you fucking whores.

  34. Brittany Craig Says:

    y they got to jump the girl.if they was some real bitches they could have fought her 1 by 1.and i think the girl that got beat was so stupid when she was by the door because she could have pushed that girl with the pink out the way and ran out the door.she aint even tried to defend herself.

  35. Antonio Says:

    what they should do is let the sixteen year old beat each one of them 6 girls, 1 by 1 and what the hell she worried about a chelf for

  36. FUCK YOU Says:

    i would have fought back and beaten every one of your asses this is bullshit you should have never laid hand on her im sorry sorry victoria and to every othe rgirl our age who has to grow up in such a shitty socuiety where no control is taken burnin hell you fuckin bitches you got to be famous ike you wanted and yo deserve every minute of it….

  37. ILMAO Says:

    This is some funny shit! Pummled, unconscious Victoria is still much smarter than you bunch of ass-clowns! 🙂 Go fuck yourseleves inbreds!

  38. JUSTICE Says:

    this is absolutely crazy im black i wudda went BROOOOOOOOOKLYNNNNNNNNNNNN on dem stupid bitches come see me bitches do dat shit to me n see…yall wud neva try no shit like dat n da hood u stupid fake ass gangster bitches yall pussy y couldnt yall fight her one on one y the fuck yall had to jump her n the girl n da pink watch ya back i kno ya name n all dat imma get u FUCKED UP BITCH


    Those girls are sooo frikin messed they deserved to go to jail dumb hoes dont know what dey be doin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. xxdarkkornerxx Says:

    that is sooo fuckin messed up!
    nobody deserves to go through this.. :/
    i feel like doing the same same thing to them to see how it feels like to them
    to be battered non stop without no mercy

  41. Michelle Says:

    hey people gess what it dosint matter because victoia is only going to get stronger from that experience and for the bitches who did it come to grand falls and see how us bitches roll thay wouldint be doing that shit they would be put in there places QUICK

  42. Brian Says:

    you fuckin bitches will get yours. Trust me Karma is a bitch and it will get you one way or another.

    stupid ass bitches

  43. Joe Says:

    Does anyone know how to contact the mother of Mercedes Nichols? I am doing a thesis paper on poor parenting skills and how they affect modern society and culture

  44. Joana Says:

    I hate them
    they are strong enough to attack a poor girl
    this is not normal
    i am realy speechless
    if i was the juges i give them the death!!

  45. These girls are filthy skanks! Says:

    Those f—ing girls, ganging up on that defenceless girl was just plain disgusting! I HOPE THE 6 KIDS WHO MADE THAT BEATING VIDEO WILL BE SHOT DEAD, THOSE F—ING WHOEBAGS! IF I WAS THE PARENT OF THAT FAT BITCH IN PINK, I’D F—ING BEAT HER SO HARD SHE’D BE AT HELL’S DOOR! I wish Victoria Lindsay a successful recovery and some personal advice – Victoria, next time you see those fugly cunts, get them back by whippin their fat asses till their swollen like a beesting! hahaha now you 6 skanks can’t go 2 cheerleading practise looking like fugly whores can you! I hope karma gets those fuckin cheerleaders back MAJORLY! oh, and once again, fuck u fat, fugle, whory, whoebag skanks! ROT IN HELL BITCHES!

  46. Julie Allen Says:

    Notice how much attention these useless, worthless pussy ass bitches are getting NOW??? Beats the hell out of their “beatdown” vid. I agree w/most of the posts here. Too bad they didn’t get sent to a FL prison where there are REAL bad asses. Now that’s a vid I’d PAY to see!! Not to mention how butt fuckin UGLY those chicks are! They look like a pug compared to Victoria. Guess their little video project backfired on them…big time. Notice there had to be 8 of them? What a bunch of pussies. I can only hope that there’s somebody in FL who beats their asses just like they did Victoria. Can you say JEALOUSY you fuckin skanks?

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