Matt Leinart Party

It seems that Matt Leinart is really having a good time.

Matt Leinart should recover from his alcohol addiction but it seems that he really didnt and is doing it again

In those photos, Leinart is holding the beer bong for some chicks to drink.

Some people really doesnt like thisĀ  for example Dan Bickley said this:

Take that young girl apparently guzzling beer from a funnel device [beer bong] held by Leinart. … What if she never made it home that night? What if she plowed through a red light after leaving the bash at Leinart’s house, taking out a family in the process?

Well Matt really had a great party but lets see what will happen next and i also cant wait for some more photos and maybe even a video or few videos hehe

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4 Responses to “Matt Leinart Party”

  1. butch Says:

    o comon im sure matt let that nice girl sleep in his bed with him… give him a little more credit than that

  2. leinart party Says:

    […] Leinart PartyIt seems that Matt leinart is really having a good time. / Matt Leinart – Matt Leinart Party PicturesApr 9, 2008 … Matt leinart party Pictures : Here […]

  3. Camila Perry Says:

    i really love to attend in parties because it is fun an you met a lot of new friends.’.:

  4. Ellis Gibson Says:

    everyone loves to party, it is an exciting way to meet someone plus you got lots of food too”~.

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