Lindsay Lohan Pregnant

Lindsay Lohan Pregnant:

Recent pictures have surfaced of Lindsay Lohan looking pregnant and sporting a baby bump.

Lindsay Lohan wore a prosthetic baby bump Thursday while shooting her new comedy Labor Pains in Encino

So it seems that Lindsay Lohan isnt really  pregnant but is just wearing a baby bump for her new movie.

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8 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan Pregnant”

  1. Miley Says:

    I am still learning toward the lesbo side, or at least a juicy bi story she will exploit.

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  4. pregnant man Says:

    whew…that was close. I though she is exploring the whole lesbian thing…the baby thing would have been too much:)

  5. pictures of bumps Says:

    […] […]

  6. Hilary Duff Download Says:

    heheh nothing surprises me anymore.

    These teen girls stars start of all cut and innocent and then completely screw their lives up. At least male teen stars are died out before this happens.


  7. payday loans Says:

    I heard she was lesbian now, is that true?? and why do we gossip about celebs being pregnant when its just for a movie… i dont get it.

  8. Payda loan Says:

    who is she going to be pregnant from? samantha her gay girlfriend? lol.//

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