How old is Tina Turner

Many of you which watched grammy awards yesterday you asked yourself ow man how old is tina turner. Well shes no spring chicken you know but she still has it.

Tina Turner is old 68 years old.

As you can also see Tina Turner didn’t sacrifice a dance step or wear an outfit indicative of her age.

If you missed the Tina turner and Beyonce Duet “Proudy Mary” you can watch it here

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3 Responses to “How old is Tina Turner”

  1. Nathaniel Wood Says:

    Tina Turner will always be a legend in music history.*.’

  2. Jaden Flores Says:

    Tina Turner is one of the living legends of music”,;

  3. Energy Efficient Window : Says:

    tina turner is a living legend, she always makes great and powerful music*,-

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