First day of spring 2008

First day of spring that we all been waiting for is happening tomorrow

First day of spring begins when the sun’s most direct rays shine on the equator, it’s an event called the vernal equinox.

So this means it shouldnt be too longer until we see some flowers cute sunshine and warm temperatures and enjoy that

Although the calendar clearly shows tomorrow is the first day of spring, we event havent feelt the real winter at all. There really hasn’t even been enough nice days to make a big outbreak of a spring fever yet

And here is a cute collection of the first day of spring photos:






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2 Responses to “First day of spring 2008”

  1. pa paha Says:

    yes, surely a great time of the year

  2. first day of spring 2008 » Blog Archive Trends Reporter! Says:

    […] spring, temperature, trend, warm, weather, world. Tags: 2008, all, beautiful, daily, day, … credit : […]

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