Chris Snyder

Some information about Chris Snyder Injury:

After his injury the manager said that he doesn’t need the testicle surgery.

Manager Bob Melvin said Wednesday that Chris Snyder will not require testicle surgery to repair his fractured left testicle.
Some guys have all the luck. “That’s really good news,” Melvin said. “The timetable will still be the same; it will still be a two-week period. He’ll be back at the end of the All-Star break

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  1. Chris Snyder, Chris Snyder Injury Video, Chris Schneider, | QuickNews Says:

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  2. Jason Murphy Says:

    I am a college baseball player, and after using a whole bunch of different protective cups I found that the NuttyBuddy is by far the best cup out there. The cup is anatomically formed so that a direct hit, such as the one Snyder took, is displaced and is almost not felt. When performing the typical actions of a game I forget I even have it on.

    Looks like we need to get the Diamondbacks catchers the NuttyBuddy.

    I ordered mine off

    Oh and the names of the different size cups are pretty damn funny!

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