Chris Brown Arrested

There is a new buzz out that Chris Brown was Arrested lets say Chris Brown Hits Rihanna

Chris Brown was arrested Sunday night by Los Angeles police for allegedly beating up a woman, and insiders identified the victim as his girlfriend, singer Rihanna.,

Chris Brown And Rihanna didnt attend the Grammy Awards

Chris Brown Arrested

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8 Responses to “Chris Brown Arrested”

  1. Matt Says:

    That would make for a good story, but i hope he didn’t hit her, that would be a shame.

  2. HOlD ON Says:

    Chris Brown is presumed innocent until proven guilty. That is our American legal system. It is; what is it is. Chris Brown like every American can assert defenses to counter the allegations made against him. All the facts pertaining to the incident have not been revealed; therefore, it is simply too premature to convict him. Criminal threat (which has several facets to its elements), is definitely different from assault and battery. However, the inference based on the media is that she had bruises, physical injuries. Thus, that matter will need to be addressed.
    However, it has not been proven that he caused the bruises. There are several issues here that a trier of fact will need to consider. The bottom-line is like every other, American, Chris Brown should be treated fairly by the legal system. Additionally, the woman, which some reports indicate is Rihanna, should also be heard. Finally, the one thing that is definite in this case of uncertainty and multiple issues is that the legal system will not be overhauled just for this case. Also because of their age and the location of the incident being California whether Chris Brown and Rihanna were consuming alcohol or given alcohol by an adult should be entertained and the affect on both their actions and states of mind should be explored.

  3. April Says:

    I hope that it is not true because they really seemed like a great couple and very compatible. Violence is never the answer and when I hear things like this it is very disappointing. I hope Chris Brown has not done this and I believe he deserves his day in court but if he has he must be held responsible. I am praying for them both and wish them the best.

  4. Felix Strickland Says:

    Yes, I think she should. She so shouldn\’t have taken him back x

  5. Alijah Calhoun Says:

    Drop out! just drop out!

  6. Kolby Savage Says:

    Culture has nothing to do with it. There are alot of rappers that don\’t go around beating women or anyone else for that matter. It\’s a joke to think 1 culture is to blame…

  7. Ben Combs Says:

    Chris Brown NEEDS to be punished. He can’t be let off the hook.

  8. payday loan Says:

    he should be in jail for a while until he learns to be a man. and stop hitting girls.

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