Celebrity Apprentice Winner 2009

Everyone is raving and searching about celebrity apprentice winner 2009!!!

So who won the celebrity apprentice winner 2009?

The finale centered around a fundraiser, and it’s interesting the fact that Joan Rivers only raised $150,830 and Annie Duke raised $465,725, but the Rivers was the 2009 Celebrity Apprentice Winner.

So the celebrity apprentice winner 2009 is Rivers

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2 Responses to “Celebrity Apprentice Winner 2009”

  1. Angel Bischak Says:

    Loved your insight!! For once someone got everything correct!! Would you mind if I put a blogroll link back to your post? 🙂

  2. Abigail Says:

    I don’t understand why Kate is there? what she contribute to the team?. Please don’t see the appearance of a person please see the inner beauty which is loyality honesty and respect.

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