Body painting that you probably have never seen

Here is a nice compilation of very inspirational body painting.

I was always impressed by body painting its a big art for me. But i never liked tattoos so much.

So here you have a nice compilation of amazing body art that you have probably never seen

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22 Responses to “Body painting that you probably have never seen”

  1. Media Districts Entertainment Blog » Body painting that you probably have never seen Says:

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  2. Kevin Says:

    Mmmmmmmmm, strawberries and cream.

  3. Cory Says:

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, a female ass and cream. ;D

  4. Erotic Body Art « Next Thing Says:

    […] More pics @ […]

  5. Jimmy Says:

    Nice.. Even i’ve a very nice collection of bodyart on my blog..

  6. body paint Says:

    […] from downtown and there isn’t enough to do in Macon. read more painting that you probably have never seenSo here you have a nice compilation of amazing body art that you have probably never seenSome […]

  7. genericsmed Says:

    Very Good Post. The all pictures are mindblowing.

  8. rashkinblog Says:

    Cool pictures! i like it!

  9. eric ember Says:

    These are all great, thought the first one i believe is actual tattoo work, I am a tattoo artist and have seen this in all the tattoo websites saying that it’s tattoo work.

    As a tattoo artist i am getting more and more people asking me if i do body painting, I also work on websites and the phrase body painting is searched for very frequently on the net.

    Learn how to draw

  10. Next Thing » Blog Archive » Erotic Body Art Says:

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  11. sexy body paint Says:

    […] art that you have probably never seenSome pictures are very sexy and nice to your eyes.Just enjoy – Sexy Celebs with Amazing Body Painting ArtSexy Celebs with Amazing body Painting Art. … […]

  12. Air Brush Kits Says:

    Wow! Thse are some great body paintings. Some of these are very hard to tell if it is a painting or the real thing!

  13. art classes Says:

    i have always appreciated art that is not permenant for the simple reason that it is done solely for the sake of art itself.

  14. Great Paintings Says:

    Those paintings look amazing.
    Third one down and the strawberries are my favorite, they definitely look realistic.
    Must have taken quite a bit of time, a really good artist, and a lot of patience to get them looking that nice.

  15. DVD2007 Says:

    Yes. It is So much in heap to collect it is necessary to try?

  16. online videos Says:

    Wow this is some creative art. I love the glow in the dark one. Neat stuff!

  17. Craig - Folding Easel Says:

    There is some really nice work here. Most of which, I haven’t seen around before. If more young ladies went biking dressed like that, I think I would get a lot more exercise.

  18. painting services Says:

    Very creative! I love this post.

  19. Chicago Realtor Says:

    Very interesting and nice creative body paintings!

  20. Glowing Rings Says:

    wow!!!! Awesome man… Those pieces of body painting were completely awesome. I would like to try it out someday if I am allowed to that is…

  21. Hollie Powell Says:

    Online video watching has been my hobby*’,

  22. Stomach Gas Bloating : Says:

    i like body paints because it could be used to portray art using your own body;-`

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