Alia Sabur

The Alia Sabur is now the youngest professor in the world. She is only 19 years old

Iranian American Alia Sabur, 19 years old, was announced to be the youngest full time college professor in history by the Guinness Book of World Records media reported on tuesday.

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4 Responses to “Alia Sabur”

  1. Husseinistan Says:

    Interesting,it’s always in my mind to have a nineteen years old child as a professor eventhough am still single,so Alia realise my dream that it could one day for my turn,
    Congratulations alots.

  2. nashenyebman Says:

    hi thanks for your info about alia sabur

    do u know her parents names and place of birth?

    if yes please let me know as well.

    lots of love nash

  3. Afsaaneh Says:

    are u sure she’s Iranian?..nowhere u can read about her roots,and i saw in a blog that she’s claimed she has no Iranian roots,and that she doesn’t wanna speak about this,i searched many sites,but no clear answer,

  4. behroooZ Says:

    iran is immortal

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