Heidi Montag music video

There is a lot of hype about Heidi Montag Music Video

Heidi Montag  just released a new 80’s jazzercise Olivia Newton-John Let’s Get Physical-inspired music video for her newest great single titled Overdosin here are a few screenshot or so called photos from her just-released new music video


Gaudily dressed in lycra, legwarmers and a sweatband, Heidi Montag was really hard at work on the set of an 80’s-inspired music video for her latest single “Overdosin” in Los Angeles on Thursday

The Hills’ starlet channels her inner Olivia Newton-John in a video inspired by the Aussie songbird’s 1981 smash “(Let’s Get) Physical.”

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  3. RBR Productions Says:

    Man its tough to tell if this is a music video or a workout video. Regardless it was an enjoyable watch.

  4. payday loans Says:

    she is making music videos now?…. wow

  5. payday cash loans Says:

    WOW…. What is next???!!! I didn’t even know that Heidi could even sing?? I swear her and Spencer will do anything for attention it seems like. Time to get over yourselves this video is a little too much. LOL

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