Felicia Barton American Idol

The Felicia Barton from American Idol replaced Joanna Pacitti we still dont know why Joanna Pacitti was disqualified but people hope they will get some answers.

Felicia Barton of American Idol Virginia Beach, Va., replaced Pacitti, a Philadelphia native, in the top 36

It has been reported that Joanna Pacitti had some relationships to some of the executives at 19 Management, one of the companies that helps produce the show and manages some of the winners in american idol.

The top semifinalists looks as follows:

Female: Alexis Grace, Allison Iraheta, Ann Marie Boskovich, Arianna Afsar, Casey Carlson, Felicia Barton, Jackie Tohn, Jasmine Murray, Jeanine Vailes, Jessie Langseth, Kendall Beard, Kristen McNamara, Lil Rounds, Megan Corkrey, Mishavonna Henson, Stevie Wright, Tatiana Nicole Del Toro and Taylor Vaifanua.

Male: Adam Lambert, Alexander Wagner-Trugman, Anoop Desai, Brent Keith, Danny Gokey, Jorge Nunez, Ju’Not Joyner, Kai Kalama, Kris Allen, Matt Breitzke, Matt Giraud, Michael Sarver, Nathaniel Marshall, Nick Mitchell, Ricky Braddy, Scott Macintyre, Stephen Fowler and Von Smith.

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One Response to “Felicia Barton American Idol”

  1. coffee Says:

    too bad Paciitti got booted from Idol; at least she got a ton of publicity out of the whole thing, that can’t hurt

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