How to make eco friendly green H20 Candles

Me and my girlfriend almost always have to buy new candles every week because they burn out so fast.

So i was searching the web and found this eco friendly H2O candles that have 20 to 40 times longer life but not just that, they are even eco friendly!!!

Oh ok you even dont need to buy them because you can make them yourself!!!

So here is my guide how to make eco friendly green H2O candles:

AMAZING !!!! DIY - Water Candles..........Amaaaaaaaaaazing

They really do look Beautiful!!!

AMAZING !!!! DIY - Water Candles..........Amaaaaaaaaaazing

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5 Responses to “How to make eco friendly green H20 Candles”

  1. Zachary Evans Says:

    we should always look for eco-friendly products out there to help the environment.-~-

  2. Jenn Says:

    I really like these, but the wick and plastic floater still needs to be purchased from the company that makes the H2O candle. Do you know how to make them yourself? If so, I would love to learn.

  3. Austin Cook Says:

    i love to buy eco-friendly products like mats, seat covers and also garbage bags”~-

  4. Payton Butler Says:

    nowadays we would always use eco-friendly stuffs like, eco friendly foods, shoes and bags :,:

  5. Yalitza Says:

    were can i find this candles?

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