The Face Hair Styles

Here are some amazing hair styles that look like faces

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7 Responses to “The Face Hair Styles”

  1. Alina Chivulescu short hairstyle Says:

    perfect short hairstyle…

    There are many facts to consider when picking a short hair style. I have always thought that the perfect hair style can only be achieved when you’ve considered all the factors.For instance, your new short hair style should match your personality, care…

  2. bathroom taps Says:

    ha these are so funny.

    cant wait for my boyfriend to fall asleep he he he

    jen x

  3. Alex Says:

    so funny :)) nice and weird hairstyles :))

  4. Fast Cash Says:

    These are some very interesting hairstyles. I wonder if they ever throw anyone off… Thanks for posting the pictures.

  5. pool table Says:

    Haha Gross! Oh my goodness, that last one looks kind of like Voldemort because his nose is flat. hilarious. thanks for the post!

  6. nice hd eyebrows Says:

    nice hd eyebrows…

    […]The Face Hair Styles | WireSmash[…]…

  7. Felhantrius Says:

    There is nothing predictable about this short cut. It works with thick and moderately thick hair types and enhances one’s facial features. We recommend this daring sassy cut for women with oval-shaped faces. As far as styling goes, simply mussing up the strands with a hair product while blow-drying will do the trick.

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