Application for night out with boys or girls

It’s an application for night out for a woman or for a man

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8 Responses to “Application for night out with boys or girls”

  1. dude Says:

    If your girl ever gave that to you that would be time for termination

  2. Matt Smith Says:

    Ha… ha… ha…
    Oh wait, not clever. Not funny. Just dumb.
    Yep. Dumb.

  3. JOE.E Says:

    yeah and george bush is a really good guy…..FUCK THAT!!!! LATER SUGAR TITS!

  4. Chica Says:

    Dude, that is just dumb. and a bash to women. Or rather, any woman who would do that is a bash to the rest of us.

    *headdesk* that is just stupid.

  5. NiK Says:

    Wow… that’s fucking retarded. As if women don’t do anything bad at all… yeah right! I’m not saying that they ALWAYS do, I’m just saying that to assume that they won’t would be completely stupid.

  6. rprebel Says:

    Yeah, at first, I thought it was funny. But by the time I got to the end, I was just pissed off…and I’m not completely sure why. Most women are total bitches and shouldn’t be put up with? No, that not it. Oh wait, that is it! Why didn’t that come to me sooner?

  7. bob Says:

    another shining example of womens’ naive self-assurance
    they don’t even realize we’re laughing at them

  8. sarah Says:

    It’s a joke boys… well it was for me anyway. I agree – any woman who takes this as a serious form to be filled out by her fella is dillusional! Chillax lads, your women probably let you run rings around them anyway.

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