The Weird Food that people eat around the world

The fun in traveling is getting out and enjoying all sorts of foods you’re really not used to eat. A simple trip to the corner market or grocery store can keep you amused for hours.

Is this food healthy or not well lets say we are not sure but we are 100% sure that this is the most weird food that people eat around the world.

Tuna Eyeball (Eaten in Japan, China)

Beetles and Scorpions (Eaten in China)

Bugs (Eaten in Chicago, USA)

Casu Marzu (Maggot Cheese eaten in Sardinia, Italy)

Chicken Cartilage (Eaten in Different Parts of Asia)

Chittlins (Hog’s Insides, Eaten in Southern America)

Codfish Sperm (Eaten in different Parts of Asia)

Crocodile (Eaten in China)

Horseshoe Crab Roe & Nast (Eaten in China)

Live Fish (China)

Dried lizard (Japan)

Pickled Snake Head Fish (Asia)

Raw Herring (Eaten in Holland)

Raw Octopus (China)

Rotten Soybeans (Asia)

Giant Water Bug (Eaten in Taiwan)

Raw Whale Meat (Japan)

White Ant Egg (Eaten in Bangkok)

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