Something interesting you have to know

Very interesting facts that you really have to know!!!

Did you know

Did you know

Did you know

Did you know

Did you know

Did you know

Did you know

Did you know

Did you know

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27 Responses to “Something interesting you have to know”

  1. Persian Cat Says:

    Thank you for such interesting facts. I have heard only about several before.

  2. bubbligum Says:

    i really dont know y the bible containing pig twice was put there along with them being 4th most intelligent…uh?
    i wanna b a shark

  3. erica lynn Says:

    i though it was interesting enough for a fact page

  4. kamalesh Says:

    lovely short messages and it gone to be useful to everyone

  5. Pauline Says:

    Enjoyed it.. thanks a lot..

  6. Rajesh Muppaneni Says:

    Has Interesting Stuff in the Pics.. useful to all……..

  7. Binky Says:

    Are you aware that the uneducated Americans are going to believe this nonsense?

  8. Tommy Says:

    “there are about 54 million dogs in the US and Paris is said to have more dogs than people” does this mean that paris hilton has had more dogs than people or paris, france? either way, that is very impressive…

  9. Anjalie Sharma Says:

    facebook me 😉 i like people.

  10. uzair khan Says:

    that was nice n i would like 2 see more of these

  11. axslinger Says:

    they had motorcycles in the bible… it says….”And they heard Moses’ Triumph throughout the land.”

  12. $teven Says:

    OMJ i love it wat all the other people r saying is so true! P.s. i love the Pic. of the pig

  13. Abhi Says:

    Truly interesting. I’m looking forward for more…

  14. Magesh Says:

    Good One — !!!!!!!!!!

  15. poorna Says:

    they are truley gr8 facts

  16. Prince Ike (NETWORK) Says:

    this is so good but could all this be true or fussions?

  17. kiara Says:

    gr8 facts..! 🙂

  18. Jayanthi Says:

    superb no chance good news i got

  19. Street Teams Says:

    Someone asked me online to tell them something interesting. I googled something interesting and told her about sheep in new zealand. She’s totally in love now.


  20. Rajesh Says:


  21. Mike Says:

    very interesting facts!

  22. Sasha Says:

    Yeah… something cool to entertain the board, and learning at the same time… Enjoyed…

  23. Kiwi Says:

    Your info’s a bit outdated, there are now about 30 million sheep in NZ, and 4 million people 😛

  24. anbuselvan Says:

    nice one..

  25. Johnny Muffins Says:

    I dont think i like this 😀

  26. steffi Says:

    Really very interesting thanks for that, waiting for more like this from you

  27. what? Says:

    Pigs are mentioned at least 12 times in the ESV Bible. Maybe the translation uses ‘swine’ instead of pig in the other verses.

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