I am legend alternate ending

There are rumors that the movie I am legend has an alternate ending.

So that means there’s another alternate ending of the movie

They are saying It comes out on DVD on march 18 but you can already watch it here

So did you like it better than the original or not hehe

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3 Responses to “I am legend alternate ending”

  1. Carl Says:

    Wow that alternative ending was pretty weird. I thought the movie was awesome. Definitely one of Will Smith’s best. He did look a little bit old in it though.
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  2. Rob Wallace Says:

    This video is thought provoking for me. I appreciate the film production values. Well done.
    Strange climax.

  3. Rob Wallace Says:

    Talk about a surprise ending for me. When i compose film music, I relish the opportunity to underscore scenes like that. Thanks.

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