Diablo 3 Release Date

The Diablo 3 And It’s Release Date:

Those of you who knew it all along can pat yourselves on the back: Blizzard‘s newest game is Diablo 3, announced mere seconds ago at the Worldwide Invitational!

The Diablo III release date is not known!

According to their FAQ, “It’s too early to estimate Diablo III’s release date. As with all Blizzard Entertainment games, our goal is to create a game that is as fun, balanced, and polished as possible. We intend to take as much time developing Diablo III as is necessary to ensure the game meets our own high expectations and those of our players.”

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6 Responses to “Diablo 3 Release Date”

  1. diablo 3 release Says:

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  2. haha Says:

    Well then it´s not a release… little misleading on the topic don´t you think? 😛

  3. diablo3 release date Says:

    […] back: Blizzard??s newest game is Diablo 3, announced mere seconds ago at the Worldwide Invitational!http://wiresmash.com/amazing/diablo-3-release-date/diablo 3 release date on Askvillediablo 3 release date topic page. Askville&39s diablo 3 release […]

  4. learn how to draw Says:

    just saw the new video on the blizzard site video, looks really fun. They tend to be long in releases, tweaking them just right. The funny thing is by the time they release they are at least 2 years behind in technology (look at world of warcraft) but they still sell a billion of them!

  5. Diablo 3 Knowledge Base Says:

    Full gameplay trailer for Diablo 3 trailer is just to die for.

  6. John Says:

    Check out http://wiki.diabloiii.ca for the latest information about Diablo 3, they have a nice compilation from blizzard forum posts too.

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