Eliot Spitzer prostitution scandal

New York times reported that Eliot spitzer is involved in prostitution ring.

Some sources say that he really is linked to some kind of prostitution ring.

Here is a quick sample from the New York Times

The Times says Spitzer, who is huddled with his advisors in Manhattan, may be linked to a high-class prostitution ring that the federal government broke up last week.

“The governor’s travel records show that he was in Washington in mid-February. One of the clients described in court papers arranged to meet with a prostitute who was part of the ring, the Emperors Club VIP on the night of Feb. 13,” the paper says. “Mr. Spitzer appeared on a CNBC television show at 7 a.m. the next morning. Later in the morning, he testified before a Congressional committee.”

The Associated Press says officials in the Spitzer administration wouldn’t comment on the Times report.

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