Very interesting bugs with human faces

Did you ever looked at a bug and it reminded you on a some kind of a human face, if not now its your chance to see that on these photos
1. Casperonian

This is a picture example of how the shield pattern resembles a face. Like a huge sign saying “don’t even think about it” to predators – including humans – this stink bug looks slightly grumpy, and for good reason. Just recently, scientists have discovered the nutritional value of edible stink bugs. They’re a good source of protein, fat, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Stink bug stew, anyone?

2. Sheild Bug

These mini warriors have pretty smart warfare defences. Shield bugs, or stink bugs, have glands in their thorax (the part between the head and the abdomen) between their first and second pair of legs that produce a foul-smelling liquid, which is used for defense and released when the bug feels threatened.

3. Barca Branca

In the photograph, this stink bug looks huge but it is only about 1 cm long in real life, making the markings on the mask all the more intricate.

4. InSectHunter

This stink bug from Singapore looks like it’s carrying a gorilla-mask on its back.

5. Wesley Sng

This too-sexy-to-be-eaten bug with his/her sunglasses is actually a crop pest. Known as cotton stainers, these bugs feed on cotton and get crushed with it during harvesting. Their red bodies leave stains, which are hard to remove.

6. Landersz

These firebugs seem to huddle together to discuss their strategy. They are common in Europe and are also part of the cotton stainer family. Their scientific name is pyrrhocoris apterus.

7. Tomasz Gorny

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  1. Spyla Says:

    The last bug looks like a bull 😛

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