The strangest sights around the world

Here are the most strangest sights around the world.

I’ve never seen anything like it some are really creppy while some are just funny.

  • Mutations, Florence Hoffmann, Luxemburg
  • Black granite – Fransisco Leiro, Spain Le Dama de Santome
  • The victory, Donatas Joukauskas, Lithuania
  • Christ, Bjorn Norgaard, Denmark
  • In the darkness, Kaarina Kaikkonen, Finland
  • Rabbit, plaster and poliuretan, Tom Claassen, Netherlands
  • Victorian excavator, Wim Delvoye, Belgium
  • The drying chassis of gods, Raphael Vella, Malta
  • The enter, Monika Sosnovska, Poland
  • Red apes, Kristaps Gelzis, Latvia
  • Walk trough maze, Kirke Kangro, Estonia
  • The Gentle Giants return, Jurriaan van Hall, Netherlands
  • Mermaid, Ester Bruggink, Netherlands
  • The dreams cought, Katerina Vinokurova, Czech Republic
  • Mysterious aliens, Bruno Gironcoli, Austria
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