The happiest countries in the world

Do you like your country ? Of course you do but are you interested in what are the most happy countries in the world. Check out the Happiest Countries in the world of the business week slideshow.

Wow Denmark is the top one and second is Switzerland. I would visit both of those or i will when i’ll have time. Of course i’m also probably visiting Finland in few years.

When you will have some vacation take some time and visit one of those places you really wont regret it.

(click on the picture)

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2 Responses to “The happiest countries in the world”

  1. abolade akintunde Says:

    nigeria is the most happiest country in the world. i used the term “most happiest” because the level of happyness within us is unlimited.
    No matter the situation, the problrems, or the agony we will always be happy even if its for one reason that we are still alive to experience the natural world.

  2. 10 happiest countries Says:

    […] in the world. Check out the happiest countries in the world of the business week slideshow. Countries for the Happiness FactorDenmark and five other European countries, including […]

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