Poveglia Island

Poveglia Island is a tiny island in Italy. This island has a very dark history.

Poveglia island was used as a dumping ground for plague victims when black plague was spreading thru the Europe. Terrified of the black death (Plague) the officials of Venice tried to isolate anyone that had the black plague by sending them to this dark island. It is said that more than 150 000 human beings died there during these times. Fishermen Said that they avoid the waters around the island as they can still catch a body in their nets.

In around 1922 a psychiatric hospital was built there on the island but patients said they saw ghosts and heard terrible sounds and screams.

So this Poveglia Island has to be the most haunted island in the world


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15 Responses to “Poveglia Island”

  1. Italy’s Most Haunted Island: Poveglia Island Of Horror | QuickNews Says:

    […] wiresmash.com […]

  2. thru Says:

    […] was used as a dumping ground for plague victims when black plague was spreading thru the Europehttp://wiresmash.com/people/poveglia-island/The Getting Thru Home PageSince 1992. we&39ve developed high-quality holistic resources to help […]

  3. poveglia Says:

    […] was used as a dumping ground for plague victims when black plague was spreading thru the Europehttp://wiresmash.com/people/poveglia-island/YouTube – Scariest Places on Earth – Poveglia Part 2The Wilson family in Poveglia. … Related […]

  4. history poveglia Says:

    […] was used as a dumping ground for plague victims when black plague was spreading thru the Europehttp://wiresmash.com/people/poveglia-island/Poveglia Island, Italy – &quotPoveglia is a tiny island located …Dec 5, 2005 … &quotPoveglia is […]

  5. poveglia : scriptbest Says:

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  6. poveglia island Says:

    […] was used as a dumping ground for plague victims when black plague was spreading thru the Europehttp://wiresmash.com/people/poveglia-island/Google Earth Hacks – Poveglia IslandDescription: poveglia island is a tiny island located between […]

  7. island of no return Says:

    In 1922 the psychiatric hospital was built right on top of the corpses of the plague victims. The builders chose to ignore the past and act like it never happened. It was a grave mistake on their part. The patients started seeing shadows and hearing noises, but when the patients complained to the nurses and doctors, they thought they were crazy. The head surgeon had been researching medical procedures and took this as a time to experiment with them. He would carry out horrible, torturous experiments. He would even cut off the tops of their heads and look inside, moving things around, trying to find the evil. Things changed when he started seeing the shadows and hearing the voices. The hospital had a bell tower. You could see it from all four side of the island, looming over it. The doctor walked up to the top of it, onto the roof. still hearing the voices of the plague victims and the voices of the pateints he had murdered himself, went crazy. He seemed to fall of the bell tower, though some say he was pushed. The surviving patients of his carried his corpse back up to the bell tower and bricked it up. You can still see the bricked-up bell tower looming over the island like a curse.

  8. tropical thunder Says:

    Wow. I have never heard of this island. What a sad history. I wonder what it is like there now? Hope the can bounce out of this sad past.

  9. island of poveglia Says:

    […] was used as a dumping ground for plague victims when black plague was spreading thru the Europehttp://wiresmash.com/people/poveglia-island/VE30 – IOTA EU131 Ex Poveglia IslandIIA – IOTA EU131 expeditions by […]

  10. poveglia Says:

    […] Poveglia Island | WireSmash […]

  11. Graham Says:

    very good site

  12. katie Says:

    A tv show i watch called ghost adventures traveled here in search for the paranormal. What they found was AMAZING!!!! they caught voices and what appears to be a black mist that looks like a hand. While they were in the field they noticed a figure running throught the fields. You can also here footsteps which lead to the knocking down of the camera. if you have questions contact me at

  13. Sean Says:

    I’ve heard of this place several times in the past. I saw that ‘Ghost Adventures’ as Katie pointed out. I watched few of their shows and I think they are bogus. Every little bump or noise, even little orbs, they think is paranormal. Anyway, the history of this island is very dark and is quite interesting. Must been horrible not only for the people suffering from the plague, but the mad doctor’s victim. Do I think its haunted? 150,000+ buried and burned bodies on it, as well as countless over dying there, it has to be. I would love to go to that island someday.

  14. shelby Says:

    i watched that to and some day i actually would like to go there and check it out my self. the docters that actually took the people with the black plauge there while wearing a mask with a long beak and but herbs in the beak so they wouldnt get the plauge. but most think that the people sufering of the black plauge went there to recover but from wat ive heard they were burned alive in a feild because they wanted to get rid of the disease and u can still find teeth in the soil from those who lost their lives there

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