The top 10 weird ebay stuff sold on ebay

The world wide garage sale.

Since its creation millions of items have been bought and sold. You can find just about everything on eBay, the question is if you would buy it or not.

Some of the items are quite hilarious, some are rather interesting, and others are just plain weird.

Perhaps the strangest phenomena is the ridiculous amounts of money people are actually willing to pay for some of this really crazy stuff. (click on the picture)

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9 Responses to “The top 10 weird ebay stuff sold on ebay”

  1. Aaron Says:

    Yea look on ebay and they have another weird item I discovered today!!

    Search “Chewing Gum Wrapper” or Search “My Chewing Gum Wrapper” one of them should work.
    Or just search the item number= 220218558211


  2. Aaron Says:

    Actually instead of “Chewing Gum” type “Bubble Gum”

  3. Pirate Booty Rooster Says:

    Check out this Pirate Booty Rooster!!

  4. Barbara Says:

    Look at this HEART-SHAPED SOY CRISP!!

  5. Lillie Says:

    I have seen all on the Internet. Do or die, guys! BTW nice blog I like it 😉

  6. Jeremy Says:

    what the hell is a blog?

  7. wes Says:

    i have found the fountain of youth vile of water lol

  8. Ewan Matthews Says:

    My alternative income stream is selling stuffs on Ebay and i can say that i earn a lot from selling on Ebay-:.

  9. Lawrence Carter Says:

    Craziest story in discription. I think its real! Look at this. Magic stone. Causes a wish to come true and a curse! Item number 300721170250

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