Celebrities Before And After

Here are celebrities before and after pictures

Well it seems few of them also looked better in before pics but to be honest most of themreally looked worse.

Well now we can also see what make up can do

Brad Pitt - Before and after
Catrine Zita Jones – Before and after pictureCatrine Zita Jones - Before and after picture

David Hasselhoff – Before and after pictureDavid Hasselhoff - Before and after picture

Demi Moore – Before and after pictureDemi Moore - Before and after picture

George Michael – Before and after pictureGeorge Michael - Before and after picture

Hale Berry – Before and after pictureHale Berry - Before and after picture

Jack Bauer – Before and after pictureJack Bauer - Before and after picture

Janet Jackson – Before and after pictureJanet Jackson - Before and after picture

Jennifer Aniston – Before and after pictureJennifer Aniston - Before and after picture

Madonna – Before and After pictureMadonna - Before and After picture

Mariah Carey – Before and after pictureMariah Carey - Before and after picture

Pierce Brosnan – Before and after picturePierce Brosnan - Before and after picture

Sarah Jessica Parker – Before and after pictureSarah Jessica Parker - Before and after picture

Sting – Before and after pictureSting - Before and after picture

It seems few of them had few plastic surgeries

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4 Responses to “Celebrities Before And After”

  1. before and after pictures Says:

    […] Before And AfterThe pictures of celebrities before and afterhttp://wiresmash.com/funny/celebrities-before-and-after/Faces of Meth Meth PhotosThe Faces of Meth slideshow features pictures of meth users before and […]

  2. cash loan Says:

    Can’t believe the Knight Rider went and got himself on your list. What happened to him? Lol.

  3. Eli Ally Says:

    George Michael have created lots of scandal in the 90s he he–`

  4. herve leger naughty but nice dress Says:

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