Two biggest motorbikes in the world

I never imagined that there could be such big motorbikes in the world, well i did but not that people are actually riding on them.

two Big Bikes
two Big Bikes
two Big Bikes
two Big Bikes

Another Giant Motorcycle

two Big Bikes
two Big Bikes

two Big Bikes
two Big Bikes
two Big Bikes
two Big Bikes
two Big Bikes

Now are they the biggest motorbikes in the world or not? please comment!!!

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2 Responses to “Two biggest motorbikes in the world”

  1. harleydavidsonaccessories Says:

    Yet privately, some dealers worry. The customer waiting list for new motorcycles has shrunk from as much as two years to a matter of months. Dealer premiums that used to range between $2,000 and $4,000 have disappeared for most models. Dealers are grateful the company is playing the centennial to the hilt. But the question, says a dealer, is “What’s going to happen in 2004?” The answer: Harley must get ahead of the demographic curve with new customers while somehow keeping faith with its fanatical old ones. If it doesn’t, the born-to-be-wild company will begin its second century with profit growth that is doomed to be mild.

  2. danny s Says:

    lol,,,, it does look awesome 😀 wonder how fast it can go.
    oh and i dont think its the biggest motorbike, it maybe the biggest bike which can go on road, however, there is one motorbike which can crush a car with its front wheel which was presented in the Australia in Australian Autoshow

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