The sony foam advert

A 60-second advert launches in Europe today, while a 90-second advert will appear on British TV screens on May 1.

Some 200 locals used Sony Cyber-shot digital stills cameras, Handycam camcorders and α digital SLR cameras and their images were uploaded onto an online database.

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4 Responses to “The sony foam advert”

  1. televesion x Says:

    […] sony foam advertInteresting Sony Foam Advert that will soon air on televesion Download Center – Watch Hundreds of 80s …Welcome to X-Entertainment&39s […]

  2. taxi service Says:

    that looks like so much fun, i wish the city of san diego would do something like this.

  3. TV Bracket Says:

    haha true true… I wish I was also there .. hope sony does this again and I would shurely be a part of this…

  4. Free Gadget Says:

    Ta for the information, very usefull

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