Portugese Water Dog

Lots of talk about the portugese water dog so lets take a look what is it all about:

Obama will pick a portuguese water dog for his daughter… It looks like he might be leaning towards one. We know that Portuguese water dogs have a lower chance of triggering allergic responses. Maybe this is why I’m hearing he might pick one.

We also saw that Obama did not comment on recent speculation that Malia’s top pick was a goldendoodle – a cute cross between a golden retriever and poodle where the offspring retains the low-dander coat of the poodle parent

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4 Responses to “Portugese Water Dog”

  1. Dog Tails » Portugese Water Dog Says:

    […] pick was a goldendoodle – a cute cross between a golden retriever and poodle where the off Source: http://wiresmash.com/amazing/portugese-water-dog/ Nov 08, 2008 | | Dog […]

  2. lou herbal pet products Says:

    I can not stand the portugese water dog. Easily one of the dumbest, ugliest dogs out there. I can not picture the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES having one of these dogs….a goldendoodle on the other hand is a very cute option. I can not believe some of the ugly dogs theyve been considering though, I saw a hairless toothless dog I believe was from Peru they were considering…ew

  3. Jenn Says:

    I don’t like the portugese water dogs to. And my kids don’t like them 2.

  4. pokerhttp://www.coastalcoddingtons.com Says:



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